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World Patient Safety Day

World Patient Safety Day falls on the 17th September annually – it’s to raise global awareness for the reduction of patient harm. SafeLane's highly qualified field staff proactively work to prevent risks that may lead to patient harm – both through education and the provision of medical support.

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SafeLane’s commitment to safety extends beyond project boundaries.  Protecting local communities with risk education and ensuring they receive optimal medical attention are fundamental principles on each project.

SafeLane is proud to work in countries such as South Sudan, Sudan, and Western Sahara in support of global humanitarian actors – extending this helping hand whenever necessary.

Medical assistance in South Sudan

SafeLane has helped the South Sudanese community in numerous ways – from stabilising a collapsed, convulsing individual to safely transporting him to the Juba Hospital.

Notably, one of SafeLane’s contracted guards, who was posted with a SafeLane field team in Jongeli State, reported their mother had unfortunately stumbled during a heavy rainstorm.  SafeLane’s medics attended the patient in her home, determining that she a dislocated hip.  Subsequently, the patient was safely transported to the local hospital where she received an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis, and successfully completing surgery thereafter.

Similarly in Central Equatoria, SafeLane's camp’s landlord reported his son was ill and unable to move or speak. Our medics were dispatched to the 26-year old’s home, at which point it was discovered he was a recovering tuberculosis patient who had not received necessary medication.  SafeLane’s medics stabilised the patient, evacuating him to the local hospital for further treatment.

Explosive risk education for the prevention of harm in Sudan

During SafeLane’s deployment in Katayla, the team was notified of an unfortunate accident – a 12-year-old boy had reportedly been injured whilst playing with a hand grenade.  

Unfortunately, young children are often unaware or unable to identify dangerous threats such as hand grenades or mines, and their natural curiosity can lead them to becoming injured if they explore an explosive item.

After one of SafeLane’s medics assisted and advised the village doctor on how to aid the young boy, SafeLane conducted an explosive ordnance risk education (EORE) session to over 30 children to ensure future accidents did not occur within the village.

Providing medical treatment in Western Sahara

In Western Sahara, SafeLane teams have aided a range of community members such as a young boy who was brought to the SafeLane field base with hand lacerations, and a young girl with severe burns from a kitchen accident.

One unfortunate patient, a local camel herder, was harmed by what is believed to be a cluster munition.  Subsequently, he was brought to the field camp where he was treated by SafeLane medics.  In addition to this, SafeLane provided food to the patient and safely transported him home when he had no way back.

World Patient Safety Day

World Patient Safety Day falls on the 17th September every year – it’s to raise global awareness for the reduction of patient harm.  SafeLane actively aims to prevent and reduce risks that may lead to patient harm – through both education and medical support.

You can read more about how you too can assist in reaching zero preventable patient harm and death via the Patient Safety Movement’s website.

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