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Battle area clearance in Libya

SafeLane Global provided long-term clearance operations in Hun in support of its client's ongoing humanitarian mission in Libya.

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Battle area clearance in Libya

SafeLane provided a battle area clearance (BAC) and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) capacity for a 3-year deployment in Libya.

It was required to provide a management capacity based in Tripoli, and 3 BAC teams, 4 EOD teams and 1 mechanical clearance team based in Hun.

The teams had capacity to deploy operationally across central and western Libya in the areas of Hun, Misrata, Sirte, Gharyan and Tripoli.  

Clearance of damaged explosive storage houses in ammunition storage areas was a priority.

Due to the ongoing conflict in the region, a flexible and staggered mobilisation of capability was required to meet priorities of the mission.

Upon arrival the teams began conducting refresher training and operations commenced thereafter.

Five days into the two-week refresher training period, the humanitarian client directed SafeLane Global to evacuate the country via road to the Tunisian border due to the destabilisation of the security situation in the region.

What is battle area clearance?

Battle area clearance is a systematic search, detection and removal process to clear land contaminated with ordnance and munitions. It is not the same as mine clearance. Battle area clearance can only be conducted on land that is free from landmines.

Where is SafeLane operational?

We are a global company with ongoing operations on 4 continents. We have extensive experience working in live and post conflict nations. We work on land and in the marine environment. In other words, wherever we're needed to provide battle area clearance and other related services, we can deploy.

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