Man v Horse

SafeLane's resident runner Alice Taylor was sponsored by CEO Adam Ainsworth to take on the legendary Man v Horse race in Llanwrtyd Wells...but did she beat the horses?

Alice Taylor is an inspiration to her colleagues.  She’s incredibly hard working, funny, self-deprecating…and a super fit long distance runner.

She recently competed in the Pembrokeshire Endurancelife marathon…and won!  But not content with that crazy challenge, she decided to take on the legendary Man v Horse race in Llanwrtyd Wells.

Keen to support Alice, SafeLane’s CEO Adam Ainsworth sponsored her entry – and the whole company was cheering her on* on Saturday when she took on the challenge.

Describing the event as “tough” (what an understatement), Alice battled against horrendous weather, cramp and a ruckled insole to come home in a time of 3h 19m – as third placed lady.

As you can see:

SafeLane's Alice Taylor at Man v Horse 2019 the horses finally overtook her – but in 40 years a human has only beaten a horse twice!

Well done again Alice…

*From the comfort of sofas across the country because the weather was too shocking to go out!

SafeLane's Alice Taylor winning 3rd at Man v Horse 2019