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How SafeLane is supporting UN Day in 2019

This year, in support of UN Day, SafeLane has completed the alignment of its culture and values to foster and support each of the goals.

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The 24th of October has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948. 

This year, the message the UN is promoting is focused on the following three core principles:

  • Working for a fair globalisation and bold climate action
  • Pushing for human rights and gender equality - and saying “no” to hatred of any kind
  • Striving to maintain peace - while bringing life-saving aid to millions caught up in armed conflict

Each of these core principles are integral to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

SafeLane is a committed member of the UN Global Compact; as a result, it stands up in support of these core principles through its operations daily.  It also employs interventions that align with all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

This year, in support of UN Day, SafeLane has completed the alignment of its culture and values to foster and support each of the goals.

How SafeLane’s culture fosters and supports sustainability

Sustainability is embedded in SafeLane’s mission, vision, culture and values.

SafeLane Global enables the safe and sustainable realisation of its commercial, governmental and humanitarian clients’ ambitions and aspirations.  It envisions a world in which its commercial, governmental and humanitarian clients’ ambitions and aspirations are realised safely and sustainably.

Through its Environmental Policy, ISO4001 accredited Environmental Management System and Field Management Practices, SafeLane implements clear sustainability expectations for the entire organisation to adhere to.

Further, the broad concept of sustainability, i.e., ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ is embedded within SafeLane culture; it forms the basis of its minimum expectations for staff.

As a committed and active member of the UN Global Compact, staff commitment to sustainability is also actively fostered.  Expectations are re-clarified annually as SafeLane’s UN Global Compact Communication of Progress report is collated and the last year’s achievements are scrutinised for areas of improvement.

Further, SafeLane builds momentum for positive change and supports capacity for positive change actively via its quarterly company internal communications update process.

To foster commitment, SafeLane prioritises sustainability in its decision making and encourages employees to be involved in sustainability initiatives, rewarding those who display the greatest initiatives.

Demonstrable examples include SafeLane’s UK network administrator who put forward a case to senior management for the donation of all older ICT equipment to improve the lives of children in Africa.

Most recently, staff launched the SafeLane Global Gallop initiative, where colleagues from all offices - from the UK to Somalia from the Falklands to Sudan – ran half marathons on the same day to raise money to support victims of landmines and explosive threats.

SafeLane builds momentum and instils capacity for change by providing autonomy to operations managers to develop new solutions to sustainability challenges - and if suitable, to implement new initiatives.

For example, following research into stakeholder values and the environmental challenges in project locations, SafeLane developed and implemented two sustainable actions:

Firstly, SafeLane delivered footballs to local communities as part of mine risk education. As well as improving engagement with the locals to deliver quality education, the footballs raised more awareness for the UN’s five-year Safe Ground campaign which aims to support the victims and survivors of armed conflict through the promotion of sport and of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Secondly, SafeLane developed solar powered vehicle chargers and implements the use of LifeStraws on all projects to reduce its impact on climate change.

To increase positive understanding of its sustainability, it produces case studies and captures testimonials which are shared with customers and stakeholders. When appropriate, SafeLane shares these achievements via its social media platforms.

Finally, SafeLane regards transparency, accurate reporting and customer-focused support as critical elements to round out its commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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