SafeLane Supports Digital Pipeline

SafeLane supports Digital Pipeline, a leading technology charity that provides computers to developing countries worldwide.

As an active member of the UN Global Compact, SafeLane is committed to the principles that underpin the concept of corporate sustainability. 

One way it demonstrates its commitment is by actively encouraging staff members to undertake initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility.

SafeLane’s UK Network Administrator, Fabian Perez is a brilliant example of a staff member taking such an initiative.

He recently put forward a case to senior management for the donation of all older ICT equipment to improve the lives of children in Africa.

Speaking about why he wanted to do this, Fabian explained:

“As a father myself, and an ICT professional, I wanted to help in this way because education and information should be freely accessible to everyone.  Information technology is an important part of today’s world, and I hope that by giving more children access to technology in this way I can help make the lives of many children better.”

SafeLane senior management supported Fabian and encouraged him to find a partner charity to work with.

SafeLane Supports Digital Pipeline

Fabian chose to work with Digital Pipeline, an independent British charity founded in 2004 by Microsoft, and supported directly by Bill Gates.

CEO Adam Ainsworth explained why he supported Fabian’s choice:

“Digital Pipeline operates a 0% to landfill policy – which aligns with our own corporate ambitions.  It donates technology to schools, hospitals and community projects across Africa and the developing world.  The charity’s work sees on average an additional five years being added to the lifespan of each computer donated.  Naturally this significantly reduces carbon footprint – whilst bridging the digital divide.” 

To date SafeLane has donated:

  • 18 laptops
  • 11 desktops
  • 15 monitors
  • 10 keyboards and mice
  • And a myriad of network cables

…and it will continue to support the charity on an ongoing basis.