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Latest updates


Fascinating WWII stories from SafeLane’s researchers


SafeLane's researchers share stories from WWII. Find out about the Night Witches, diamond smuggling and train fire tragedies.

Lest we forget: SafeLane’s researchers discuss the ongoing impact of unexploded ordnance from WWI and WWII


Not your ordinary job: meet the SafeLane research team keeping construction workers across the UK safe


Meet the historical researchers at SafeLane who keep construction workers safe from WWII bombs


How SafeLane’s UXO risk assessments keep clients on time and budget


SafeLane's research team create detailed UXO risk assessments so clients can determine the risk level of their sites.

Providing UXO awareness training for Redbridge Fire Station


SafeLane Global’s Field Technical manager Nigel Barton MInstRE provided Redbridge Fire Station with unexploded ordnance awareness training.

Bomb dog tracks poachers


Don was born in 2015. He’s a stunning German Shepherd. He was quickly identified as ideal for explosive detection training.

SafeLane runners smash £10,000 fundraising target


Staff from the Falklands to the Forest of Dean, from Mogadishu to Mozambique and from Kismayo to Kenya ran half marathons to raise £10,000 for charity

Explosive risk mitigation project support staff in Somalia


SafeLane's operations require teams of dedicated staff to provide life support: discover what makes the Somalian team world class.

Somalia EOD and IED project visit outcomes


Staff recently visited field colleagues in Somalia to get a deeper understanding of what project staff encounter on a daily basis.

World Humanitarian Day


The UN's World Humanitarian Day honours humanitarian efforts worldwide. This year, it is focused on women whose work supports people in crisis and conflict zones, women like SafeLane's Mel, Debbie and Marta, pictured.


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