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Latest updates


Community engagement in Somalia


The nature of the explosive threat mitigation work SafeLane undertakes can of course be dangerous – community engagement is therefore critical for several key reasons...

Falklands Forty: Endeavour, Endurance and Comradeship


Falklands Forty is a week long veteran bike ride scheduled to take place in 2022 to mark 40 years since the Falklands War.

Marine UXO Project Manager Andrew Lonsdale


Meet Andrew Lonsdale MIExpE, he’s a former Royal Navy Petty Officer Clearance Diver who’d already achieved notoriety at SafeLane before he even joined full time! Read on to discover more.

Who should you trust to conduct a UXO risk assessment?


A UXO risk assessment is a necessity you just want to tick off your to do list as quickly as possible. However, with more and more suppliers to choose from, how do you pick the best provider? In this guide we highlight the checks you need to make before placing your order.

Is the disposal of UXO destroying marine environment?


In this subject matter expert opinion piece by SafeLane’s Marine Director Ryan Prophet, he explains how seriously the protection of the fragile marine ecosystem is taken – and what innovations exist to protect from UXO disposal operations.

Why work in mine action?


Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Assistant Mahmoud Abakir Ezairig explains how past experience motivated him to join the mine action sector. #MineActionApril

Samuel Khamis’ role as an Admin, Finance and Logistics Officer plays a vital role in mine action work in South Sudan

Find out how Samuel’s skills help contribute to mine action work, created safer spaces in South Sudan.

Supporting women to work in mine action


Mine action is traditionally male dominated; but we’re making strides to change this gender imbalance and make the sector more accessible to women like Salma. #MineActionApril

How does mine action benefit communities?


Ashley Le Boydre, a SafeLane EOD Mentor from Australia, describes the far reaching, positive ripples of mine action operations. #MineActionApril

What differences do mine action activities make?


EOD Mentor Team Leader Christian Jansson explains the differences that mine action activities make to local communities. #MineActionApril

Championing Tobias Chiumburu


Today we’re honouring Tobias Chiumburu, our longest-serving, legendary Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator and Mentor who served the mine action sector for 24 years before his well-deserved retirement.


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