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Talitha Etsebeth Canine Training School Manager

Talitha is SafeLane Global's amazing general manager, in charge of the canine training facility in South Africa.

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Elmarie Etsebeth Kennel Master

Elmarie Etsebeth is SafeLane Global's Kennel Master at the South Africa dog training school.

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Detection dogs in Afghanistan

SafeLane Global was tasked with the provision of narcotic detection dogs (NDD) and explosive detection dogs (EDD) in Afghanistan.

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Battle area clearance in Afghanistan

Remediation of explosive remnants of war (ERW) in Arghandi Sub-Station, Paghman District of Kabul Province.

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Demining in Mozambique for a petroleum company

SafeLane Global provided bush clearing and demining services for the petroleum production agreement infill and delineation wells project.

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Mine action projects in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

SafeLane Global has been operational in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since 2009, primarily supporting the oil and gas sector.

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Mine clearance, EOD and IEDD training Saudi Arabia

SafeLane Global is providing training courses to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Entmunitionierung Kroatien

Projekt: Kroatien, Eisenbahnlinie Novska-Sunja. Vorhaben: Entmunitionierung von Streckenabschnitten.

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Großinvestitionsfläche Kölleda

Vorhaben: Munitionsberäumung. Auftraggeber: LEG Thüringen.

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Ehemalige innerdeutsche Grenze: Minennachsuche und Rekultivierung

Ehemalige innerdeutsche Grenze auf einer Gesamtstreckenlänge von 1.334 km Abbruch/Rückbau, Minennachsuche und Rekultivierung.

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