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Intrusive UXO surveys for pile foundations

SafeLane conducted over 3,300 intrusive UXO surveys at London's Royal Albert Dock, to ensure the proposed pile foundation locations were free from WWII ordnance.

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High risk of encountering UXO when dredging in the Thames Estuary UK

In 2006/07, the SafeLane marine team was called to support Van Oord during the dredging of the Princess Channel in the Thames Estuary.

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Clearing munitions to support dredging operations

The consequences of not factoring in unexploded ordnance services during dredging operations can be catastrophic.

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Munitions clearance that aided the construction of Disneyland Hong Kong

Find out how the Marine team's munitions decontamination efforts supported the construction of Disneyland Hong Kong.

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UXO & IED awareness training

SafeLane Global visited Green Watch at Redbridge Fire Station to deliver unexploded ordnance (UXO) and improvised explosive device (IED) awareness training.

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IED threat awareness training for Redbridge firefighters

‘The aim of today is to give you an overview of methods of attack employed by terrorists and to increase your level of awareness of the IED threat.’ – Nigel Barton MInstRE

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Battlefield emergency first aid training in Somalia

SafeLane designs bespoke training services, based on the needs of the client and built on the latest standards.

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Using field experience to deliver relevant combat trauma care training

SafeLane delivers medical training for field and military personnel facing threats from explosive remnants of war (EWRs) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

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CPD training keeping construction site staff safe

SafeLane was working with Westridge Construction Ltd to provide unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveying services to support their redevelopment of a school site.

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Capping artesian pressure

SafeLane’s borehole experts responded to an emergency callout from a construction client whose site was flooding because of a free flowing artesian well.

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